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Sunday, January 9, 2011

9/365: Self-Portrait Sunday

It's Sunday so I'm reluctantly sharing another self-portrait with you.  It's a bit scary to me knowing I will have to post another 50 self-portraits by the end of the year.  I mean really, who likes to take their own picture?  Let alone stare at it during editing and posting.   Hmmm...I know this is a good challenge, but I'm looking forward to posting what the rest of the week will bring much more!


  1. You are so beautiful, Mindy :). Love this!

  2. Aww, Mindy :) It will get easier! At the beginning of last year one of my self portraits was of my legs... because I like them :) Moving on to my face was a little scarier :) You are a beautiful woman with such a sweet heart- I hope that the process of doing these self-portraits will help you embrace that :)

  3. Love it! The editing is great too.