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Saturday, January 15, 2011

14/365: Heavenly Black & Whites Sunshine

At 4 1/2 McGee has been saying the sweetest and funniest prayers lately.  Last night he prayed for Uncle Gordon who has been having back pain and then some...

"Dear Jesus thank you for all that you give to us and do for us and please help Uncle Gordon to feel better and take away his pain.  We know you are the true king and, but why did you make dinosaurs to live on the land?  Well I love you very much and thank you.  Goodbye.  Amen."  

The italics were to show how he really drew the word "true" out and I loved how he was praying, then had a thought mid-prayer and voiced it.  Praying really is an honest conversation with God and I'm glad my boy is just keeping it real.

Then there is this little independent one who has the most precious little prayer voice, but is a bit stubborn about praying and has to be encouraged on occasion to voice her prayers out loud.

Both of these images were taken today in a mini (say 3 minutes) session out front after mommy received an exciting delivery from the UPS man. ;)  Also if you'd like to see some more pictures telling about our fun day you can head on over to my family blog.


  1. It's so precious seeing our little ones pray! Beautiful Black & Whites!

  2. These are simply beautiful!!! I joined your blog and added your 365 to my blog roll :-) stop by if you can :-)

  3. Beautiful conversions! And... you can't just leave us hanging, wondering what the brown truck brought you!!! :)

  4. Oh how sweet that is! I love the conversion, too!

  5. Thanks for sharing the story and the pics. They are gorgeous!