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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11/365: A Couple of Holy Knights

My 4 yo son is currently obsessed with all things weapons: bows and arrows, swords, daggers, guns, etc.  For Christmas my son received the "Armor of God" from my in-laws and his friend Jared received it as a gift as well.  Today we had a "Dress-Up Playdate" and the two had fun playing swords totally decked out with the Helmet of Salvation, the Shield of Righteousness, the Sword of the Spirit (the favorite piece in the ensemble), the Belt of Truth and the Gospel of Peace (the leg shields).  

My son is on the left and his friend is on the right.  The funny thing is both boys are pretty small for their size and I love how the belt is falling near Jared's knees.

A Couple of Holy Knights Sunshine:


  1. Awww! They are so cute! My boys love to dress up too! Isn't it fun?!?

  2. Oh my, so cute! My boys would fit right in!

  3. Oh, wow! That is so funny and cute. Gives me some insight - my little babe is only 15 months :)