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Friday, September 9, 2011

134/365: Moments of Joy Captured Sunshine

This was a day full of fun, starting with a senior girl photo session, then to my cousin's birthday party at the park and finally ending with seeing my sister and niece.

 Moments of Joy Captured Sunshine:

This was the sight as I returned to my parents from the photo session, my two kiddos fresh out of the bath and wrapped in towels looking out the front windows at me:

My amazing parents caught in a moment of laughter:

The sight of my children swinging at the park I grew up at, complete with the Lion drinking fountain that was there when I was a child:

133/365: My Attempt at Audrey Hepburn Sunshine

A friend invited me to her house for a bunco night with the theme "Audrey Hepburn".

My attempt at Audrey Hepburn Sunshine:

132/365: Sweet Moments with Em Sunshine

Sweet Moments with Em Sunshine:

131/365: Gymnastics Class Sunshine

Miss Em was able to enjoy gymnastics once a week for a few months while brother was in preschool and LOVED it!  On this particular day it was a "bring a friend to class" day so cousin Addie came and had fun too!

Gymnastics Class Sunshine:

129/365: Cuddly New Baby Sunshine

Daddy holding Chloe Love, our friends Sarah & Joey's new baby girl gave us definite Cuddly New Baby Sunshine:

130/365: Play-Doh Princess Sunshine

Play-Doh Princess Sunshine:

128/365: Mother's Day Sunshine

Mother's Day Sunshine:
 My wonderful kids and I

My amazing mother and I

127/365: Mother's Day Flower Sunshine

McGee made this beautiful flower for me to wear to the Spring Sing.

Mother's Day Flower Sunshine:

126/365: Spring Sing Sunshine

McGee's Spring Sing Preschool Performance, Spring Sing Sunshine:

125/365: Well Loved Books

This was one of my favorite books as a little girl © 1977 and now it is one of Miss Em's favorites as well.

Well Loved Books Sunshine:

124/365: California Poppy Sunshine

California Poppy Sunshine:

123/365: Wearing Mommy's Glasses Sunshine

Wearing Mommy's Glasses Sunshine:

122/365: Helping Make Potato Chip Sunshine

Helping Make Potato Chips Sunshine:

121/365: Dancing Sunshine

Dancing Sunshine:

120/365: Eating Ice Cream with Cousins Sunshine

Miss Em & Addie enjoying a cold ice cream treat.

Eating Ice Cream with Cousins Sunshine:

119/365: Reading Music Sunshine

McGee trying to read the music at the back of his pirate book and play it on the piano.

Reading Music Sunshine: