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Sunday, January 23, 2011

22/365: Re-Arranging Sunshine

My son has been coughing a lot lately and although colds and viruses seem to be running rampant right now, he has no other symptoms and his cough is completely non-productive so I was thinking maybe it's an allergy.  Thus I spent 2+ hours cleaning every nook and cranny of his room including moving and vacuuming behind and under every piece of furniture and dusting.  When I removed all of the drawers from his dresser I was disgusted to find cobwebs and sawdust that I quickly vacuumed up.  Then I decided to rearrange his room a bit.  The main challenge was trying to keep the kids out of his room so I could get it all done, as you can see Miss Em thought she hid herself well under a blanket.  HaHa!

I think the new arrangement of furniture is much better, but the cough still seems to be going strong. :(

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