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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2/365: Cleaning Out the Office Sunshine & Self-Portrait Sunday Sunshine

Ever since getting my new computer (*cough, I'm a PC, *cough) I have wanted to re-arrange my desk a little and clean out our office which functions as an office/music/scrapbook/library/man cave room.  I really would love a whole room makeover complete with lovely fresh paint, pretty curtains and an organized to the max space, but today I was happy to just vacuum all the dust from under the desk, throw away lots of things and re-arrange a little.

Cleaning Out the Office Sunshine (with the last of my Peppermint Hot Chocolate):

Also a fellow 365er is using some themes to help complete her project and I've decided I will try to participate in "Self-Portrait Sunday".  I already had my post ready to go when I remembered this so I quickly snapped a shot of myself reflecting from the oven door: