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Thursday, January 5, 2012

4/365: "Bomb" Timer Sunshine

Enjoying our last week with Daddy and McGee off on Winter Break we had a picnic lunch at the park today.  Miss Em was having a hard time eating her sandwich so Daddy whipped out his cell phone and started the "timer" which has been our new program for getting them to finish their food.  McGee was all done eating but didn't go play because he was too excited wanting to see Daddy's "Bomb" go off - the graphic on the cell phone of a bomb that blows up when the time is up.  You can see Miss Em wasn't as thrilled with the scenario, but she did finish her sandwich!

"Bomb" Timer Sunshine:


  1. Hmmmmmm - flashback 30 years (sans cell phone)!!!
    Love, Newtmom

  2. Yes Newtmom, Daddy explained the timer used to be turned on for him when he had trouble eating his dinner. :)