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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3/365: Time with Grandma Sunshine

I was out of town today and didn't  have my camera, but if I had....I would have taken a picture of my almost 90 year old grandma as she and I went out for a roast beef sandwich and milkshake.  As it was, I'll have to settle for taking a picture of this older picture of Grandma from my FB page to signify the ray of sunshine spending time alone with my grandma brought into my life today.  Since having kids it seems we never get a chance for any 1-on-1 time without distraction and hearing is quite difficult for her sometimes so conversation amidst the background noise of children can be challenging as well.  Today though it was just her and me.

Time with Grandma Sunshine:

Also as a sidenote - my normal PC nabbed a yucky virus a couple of days before Christmas and it's been so hard not being able to download my Christmas photos, edit anything and all those other things so important to a photographer! :)  The PC has been cleared, but now we have the fun task of installing all of our software again and hoping we can restore all of our pictures!  That said, I can't wait to finally dig in and review our holiday photos and actually edit a photo again instead of shooting in JPEG and posting unedited images.  Just thought I'd let you in on the "fun" that is going on here in our house in regards to the computer - can I just say that people who created viruses are just plain MEAN???!!!

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