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Monday, January 2, 2012

2/365: Lasting Gifts Sunshine

McGee and I bought some dog and cat toys to donate to the local animal shelter earlier last month and when he, Emily and I took them to the shelter he asked if we had Christmas gifts for Callie & Ben (our own canines).  I said we didn't and he insisted we go into the shelter's gift shop and buy the dogs Christmas presents.  He picked out a blue platypus type squeaky toy for Ben and you can see here how long it has lasted.  It may not have lasted long before it's innards were destroyed, but Ben sure did love the job of dissecting!

The little black patent-leather shoes Miss Em is wearing as her "tap shoes" have had the opposite life of the blue platypus toy...they were in fact MY shoes when I was just a little girl and have enjoyed a looong life!  Miss Em loves to wear them and will be sad in the next couple of months when she finally outgrows them.  

Lasting Gifts Sunshine:

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