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Sunday, January 15, 2012

15/365: Colorful Sunshine

During all of his months in preschool last year I had to BEG McGee to do some of the fun art projects they did in his class.  Seriously, I would see other parents going home with all of these neat creations their kids made and my son was always the one to opt out of doing any of the art projects in class.  He said he just didn't like it.

Fast forward a year and now McGee is constantly asking for "arts and crafts" or an "art project to work on".  He now enjoys coloring and creating things for others as gifts and has said his favorite thing about his new kindergarten class is "all of the fun arts and crafts we do!"  Let's just say I'm pleased to see the joy in his eyes now when he creates something and our walls and windows are decorated with many of them.

Colorful Sunshine:

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