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Thursday, March 17, 2011

76/365: Little Mommy Sunshine

Girls and boys really are quite different.  I'm so blessed to have one of both and be front and center for experiencing the differences that are innate for their gender.  Case in point?  Maternal instinct.

I was a tomboy, didn't like the color pink until college, played sports year-round (although I did dance through junior high as well) and would never classify myself as a "girly girl".  My daughter however, through no influence of mine, seems to be a definite "girly girl" - loves everything pink, has definite opinions over what she wears and the part I really love...she has this deep and oh so sweet maternal instinct and loves to take care of her "babies".  She loves to hug them, feed them, take them for walks and put them down for bed...complete with an oh so angelic little lullaby.  You may not see it here in her expression (I was SO upset when I accidentally erased the other two shots before this in my camera where she had her GIANT smile over her babies instead of this tired and bored look), but this girl loves to be a "Mommy".

Little Mommy Sunshine:

**Oh and no, we didn't do a thing to celebrate St. Patty's Day.  We had too many leftover already in our fridge to eat up and saved our Corned Beef for Friday night.