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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

74/365: Partners for Life Sunshine

I watch a lot of crime drama tv shows and all include some sort of crime fighting partnership.  In these the partners are there for one another.  Always.  They help each other out, encourage one another, read each others cues, and strengthen one another.  Generally speaking, alone they're good but not great, but put together, they make a fantastic, unstoppable crime solving team! (aka Brennan & Booth in "Bones", Bailey & Stark in the recently deceased "The Good Guys" and Sam & Callen in "NCIS: Los Angeles".

I'm so glad God gave me the perfect partner for life.  That with my husband on my team there is nothing we can't conquer together.  

But tonight I'm thankful that when our daughter is crying and needs me, he can take over and make us dinner, even though he needs to leave for practice and won't enjoy dinner until he microwaves leftovers hours later.

Partners for Life Sunshine:


  1. Well written! I think our generation of husbands for the most part are really awesome! My husband can do everything I can do (when he isn't working). :) Maybe I just trained him well :)

  2. What a beautiful post. It brought a smile to my face and made me realize how blessed we are to have such wonderful men in our lives. Thank you for sharing that little bit of sunshine with us.