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Friday, March 4, 2011

63/365: Early Morning Swinging Sunshine

I took Miss Em out early this morning to scout out a park location and we made it a very quick mini-session for her and then gave her some time on the much-loved swings. 
I tried a couple of edits on this - which is YOUR favorite?

Early Morning Swinging Sunshine:


  1. Cute shot! On this photo, I like the vintage as it lightens up the shadows nicely. Really adorable angle!

  2. I love them both. But, I have been really into the Lilyblue-like edits lately. I'm trying to make my own little action for myself...soooo my fave is the vintage one :) I like hte blue in the shadows.

  3. They are both nice, but the Vintage really speaks to me. Very sweet.

  4. I think I like the clean edit as it narrows down the pink.

  5. My vote is for Vintage... love the way it makes the pink look creamy!