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Sunday, July 10, 2011

190/365: The Doctor is In! Sunshine

So did you think I had dropped off the face of the earth or even worse...quit???  I'm happy to say neither are true, but I did find the last couple of months that I had too much going on and only those things necessary for me to do for my clients or my immediate family were pushed to the top of the priority pile and sadly my little 365 blog was left behind.

Fortunately my commitment to photography and documenting all of the wonderful reasons to be thankful for everyday sunshine in our lives continued and I did stick with taking pictures daily, I just didn't have the time to share and post them!

Starting back I thought I'd post a Sunday Self-Portrait.  I get these horrible migraines sometimes that really make it difficult for me to truly enjoy much of anything to the fullest and they can stick with me off and on for a week or so as they have this past week.  In college an hour long nap usually would get rid of it, but lately I've trusted Excedrin Migraine for occasional relief and seeing the chiropractor usually helps a bit too.  Today though I was all out of migraine medicine and the chiropractor doesn't work on Sunday.  I had taken 2 Ibuprofen already with no effect and remembered that Excedrin Migraine contains caffeine.  Thus my brilliant idea was born to drink a rare Dr. Pepper which was in our fridge leftover from the past week's celebrations.  Guess what?  It helped!  My migraine was reduced to just a barely noticeable dull pain and my happy self quickly returned! :)

The Doctor is In! Sunshine

PS - don't be surprised to see numerous back dated entries as I attempt to catch up from the past 2 months!


  1. love it! great shot...the reflections is neat. you look lovely.

  2. Love it! Your new headband looks great on you! Nice color association.