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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

103/365: Friendship Sunshine

Day one of college and Daddy met his roommate...let's just say they both weren't too sure they were the right fit.  

After rooming together for 3 years they both married up and decided living next door to each other would be the next best thing.  We enjoyed an awesome year of shared dinners, laughs and late nights hanging out.  Then we graduated and they moved to that awful Las Vegas (j/k!).  We miss them tons but are so thankful that when we do get together about once a year for a couple of hours, it's like we're still neighbors and pick up exactly where we left off (plus a couple of kids for both of us)!

Friendship Sunshine:


  1. Oh, I totally remember Kyle saying that "this roommate & I have nothing in common-it'll never work out!", after seeing Steve's Starwars & Superman paraphernalia all over their dormroom! Funny how God always knows best! Newtmom

  2. So true Mom! Isn't it awesome when we see God's plan unfolding?