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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

102/365: Happy 5th Birthday Sunshine!

My baby boy is 5 today!  We celebrated with oatmeal breakfast at McDonald's, fun time at Fairytale Town, a new haircut for McGee and topping the day off with ice cream with the grandparents and Auntie Michelle!

Happy 5th Birthday Sunshine:

A cautious 4 yr. old wouldn't let go of Grandma's hand the last time he slowly walked the "Crooked Mile"...this time he started off slow taking a few steps and telling himself, "I'm five,"  then a few more steps and another, "I'm 5."  Then all of a sudden this confident boy RAN it OVER and OVER all by himself!  I love this shot of him with his big brother arm guiding his sister along!

An attempt at getting a good "Five Year Old" picture of McGee resulted in these interesting and sweet personality shots, but not exactly a frameable shot.

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  1. Would you recommend Fairytale Town? For a 3.5 year old and 1 year old? What a sweet story of your little guy working on his confidence :)