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Thursday, February 10, 2011

41/365: Trying New Things Sunshine - Part 2

We received our first box to try of fresh produce from Farm Fresh to You and it was packed with lots of fruits and veggies.  A few of the veggies I have never had (that I can remember) so I decided to try out some kale.  I looked up a recipe with bread crumbs and garlic and thought I'd give it a whirl - the dark green leaves should be healthy right?  Well I tried it and either I just failed at the proper cooking or I am not a fan of kale. :)

Trying New Things Sunshine - Part 2:


  1. I so need to try new things! Great photo!

  2. Hey! We're on our third Farm Fresh to You box :) I found a delish recipe for greens... I didn't think I liked Kale or chard, but um.... a little bacon goes a long way towards making green things tasty. Seriously, my husband and I went back for seconds :) Let me know if you want the recipe!